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Frequently asked questions

- FAQ -
Do I have to register for a ski course in advance by phone?

Guests are pre-registered by the landlord and come to the ski school office on the day of their arrival with their voucher to collect their tickets.

For our local ski courses there is a registration button on the website

Do ski course participants need a lift pass?

For group ski courses the lift ticket is included - for private ski courses a lift ticket is required.

From what age can children take part in the group ski course?

Group ski courses are offered for children from 4 years old - Private ski courses for children from 3 years old

How do I book a private teacher?

The easiest way is to contact the ski school office one day before the private ski course is due to take place. If this is not possible, please write an email or call +4367761725310.

What is the maximum number of children in a group?

The legal limit is 12 children per group - but we try to keep the number of participants per group as low as possible.

Are there group ski courses at the weekend?

Only private courses are offered on Saturday. All group courses always start on Sunday - entry to the group ski course is only possible for beginners on Sunday and Monday.

Group ski courses for adults ?

We also offer group ski courses for adults with a minimum of 4 participants skiing at the same level.

Snowboard lessons?

For some years now, we have only offered private lessons for snowboarding, as the learning success is much better than in a group course. However, up to 3 people are welcome to share a private instructor.

Is it possible to borrow equipment?

Yes we have equipment for skiing and snowboarding on offer, both for children and adults.

Does the rental equipment have to be reserved?

No. Rental equipment can be rented during opening hours without pre-booking. 

!!! Attention seasonal rental !!!

For the seasonal rental in November and December please reserve a time slot.